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Paige Mackey Murray's primary area of practice is appellate representation. As a clerk on the Colorado Court of Appeals and Colorado Supreme Court for a total of four years, she helped draft many hundreds of appellate opinions, and she knows what the judges are looking for. She provides appeals in all civil legal areas, from smaller municipal and county court appeals to sophisticated business disputes and family law matters. She is retained by trial counsel to ensure that issues are properly preserved for appeal.  She also assists trial counsel with post-trial motions, often in anticipation of appeal.  

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Family Law Appeals

Although she practices in all areas of the law, Paige Mackey Murray has extensive experience with family law appeals, having served as Of Counsel for Kaplan Law L.L.C. for almost a decade. She has multiple published and unpublished decisions in the area of family law. 




Appellate Court Appeals Attorney
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​Paige Mackey Murray 
3269 28th Street
Boulder, Colorado 80301

(303) 763-0281



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